What is the Self-Exclusion program?

The Self-Exclusion program was established to allow people with a gambling problem to voluntarily exclude themselves from casino gaming activities on the Yakama Reservation.

How do I get placed on the Self-Exclusion list?

You may obtain an application form and information on the Self-Exclusion Program by mailing card (click here to get mail-in form), by phone at (509) 865-8800 or in person at the Yakama Nation Gaming Commission office.

You must complete the form and submit it in person at the following location during normal business hours:

Yakama Nation Gaming Commission
PO Box 151
Toppenish, WA

Business Hours:

Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

You will be required to provide identification that includes your signature and either a photograph or physical description of yourself. When you file the form, you will be photographed. That photo, and other identifying information will be distributed to the casinos.

Will my name be released to the public?

No, your name and information contained in the application are exempt from public disclosure and not open for public inspection.

Can I just mail back the completed form?

No, you must return the application form in person. The requirement to file in person is for your protection. Only you can put yourself on the self-exclusion list.

What will happen if I go to a casino and try to gamble?

After you are placed on the self-exclusion list, casino personnel may refuse to accept your wages or ask you to leave the gaming area. If you do gamble, you would be unable to collect any winnings or recover any losses. Under the law, you will not be able to receive complimentary goods or services, credit or check cashing privileges.

How long will I be on the Self-Exclusion list?

For Three (3) Years. Voluntary self-excluded persons may not request to be removed from the list. Once placed on the self-exclusion list your name will remain on list for three (3) years.


Other Resources for problem gamblers:

National Center for Responsible Gaming:
(816) 453-9964 or


National Council of Problem Gambling:
(800) 522-7200 or


Consumer Resource Center Office or Attorney General:
(800) 551-4636 or


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